In the Movie, Finding Nemo, through rough waters, sharks, jellyfish, and unknown territory, Nemo is finally reunited with his father, but it was because of consistent perseverance. One line from the movie that is a great reminder of this type of perseverance is when Dory says to Marlin (the dad), “Do you know whatcha gotta do, when life gets you down? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” And even though these words come from a little fish, these words are a great reminder of what we should do once we are faced with similar situations, whether you find yourself behind in your school work, struggling with your studies, needing a boost to do better at school or do well in an exam (perhaps an entrance exam or a particular subject at GCSE or A-level) or when you feel as if you just can’t grasp certain aspects of a subject. These words are words that symbolize what it means to truly persevere so wherever your circumstance may find you, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”!