In-School Services

teaching assistant with admin staff member
  • Provide cover supervisors, supply teachers, invigilators, teaching assistants and administrative support staff to meet schools’ needs
  • Organise drama workshops in conjunction with partner subjects, e.g. English Literature or History
  • Provide a flexible, affordable and professional service
  • Employ staff with a genuine interest in pursuing a career within a school environment
  • Partner with schools to get to know the day-to-day running, train new staff on procedures within the school and are on hand to make sure our staff and the school feel comfortable

Services offered


We specialise in provision of cover supervisors, and offer Full-Day cover, Half- Day cover and even cover by the hour if required. We also provide supply teachers, teaching assistants, invigilators and administration staff as schools require, and coordinate in-school drama workshops in conjunction with second subjects.


Through our in-house training process, our placement professionals gain an in-depth understanding of the work experience, talents and skill sets, and career interests of our placement staff. This allows us to identify the most suitable person to fill a school’s supply need.

Our in-house training prepares our placement staff for the classroom experience, resulting in rewarding cover not only for the school and students but also for our professionals.

We place fully-screened and CRB checked staff and we also endeavour to place teacher training students as much as possible in order for them to gain valuable and rewarding classroom experience. Likewise, the school gets cover from genuinely interested individuals who WANT to be there. We enjoy continuing relationships with schools and work to ensure that those relationships remain strong.

Affordable Cover

The “rarely cover”, whilst having a positive effect on teachers in terms of planning time, is having a devastating effect on school’s budget, the ability to offer “out of class” educational experiences and the opportunity for professional development. Therefore, we make certain our charges are not excessive yet we still provide an extremely high quality service.

InspireLP eases the cover expense by keeping it affordable.

“We may all be different fish, but in this school we swim together”

Swimming fish
Beth R - Bluefish Animation
See the source imageSwimming fish
See the source imageSwimming fish