Need practical classroom experience or want to expand on current experience?

Become a Cover Supervisor!

We require strong and enthusiastic personnel to carry out various Cover Supervisor placements in a number of schools within the local area. Candidates must hold a min of 5 GCSE’s preferably Maths and English or hold a qualification in some form of further education.

What is a Cover Supervisor?
Cover Supervisors are substitute teachers. They look after a school class when the regular teacher is absent. Inspire will take great care to supply training and to ensure staff have the necessary skills, knowledge and preparation before being given charge of a class.

We have placements covering a variety of subjects from KS3 – KS5, and general cover. At this time we need staff to meet the demand from our client schools that require day-to-day, short-term, long-term and permanent assignments. Hours are very flexible.

Cover supervision is a great way to learn the school system and to get a foot in the door for potential future employment!.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity! If you feel you have the qualities to support this role, please either send your CV to or phone 01925 357878. We’d be happy to hear from you!